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Timothy A. Gibian, Psy. D. | Gregory Powell, Ph. D. | L. Alexandra Mirabelli, Psy. D | Julieann Ipsan, LCSW-C
Recent and Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Timothy Gibian, Psy.D. and Julieann Ipsan, LCSW-C, are available to provide information sessions about numerous topics of interest in the practice of psychology. If you are interested or would like more information, please contact them at (301) 695-6455.


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Past Presentations

Public Speaker Series Seminar on ADHD, Sponsored by The Banner School. Presented by Dr. Mirabelli. (

Parent Education Night, Sponsored by Frederick County Day Montessori & Arts School. Presented by Dr. Mirabelli: “The Natural Emergence of Self-Discipline.”

"Prozac Nation--Issues and Themes," Panel Discussion sponsored by Frederick County Mental Health Association, Dr. Gibian

"Living With Your Middle Schooler: Developmental Issues and Changes in Parenting," presented by Dr. Gibian

"Issues for Families Dealing with Domestic Violence"--panel discussion at the 2009 "In To The Light Conference" at Hood College, Dr. Gibian

"Effectively Managing Anxiety" to faculty, students, and families at Hood College, Frederick, MD.

"Understanding Your Child's Psychoeducational Evaluation" Presented by Alison Miller, Psy.D., and Elise Abromson, Psy.D.

"Social Aggression Among Middle Schoolers" Presented by Alison Miller, Psy.D., and Elise Abromson, Psy.D.









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